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A strong and punchy explainer video has the power to send your conversions through the roof – if you get it right. Let us tell your story and we promise to make it count.






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The Picstory Way

Our talent and our passion is to create unique animated explainer videos that connect with your viewers and pack a punch.

We specialise in finding the best way to tell your story so that your viewers connect with who you are and engage with your products and services. We will work closely with you to bring your unique story to life before your eyes, delivering professional quality and real results.

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Increased Conversions

See the difference in your followers, sales or subscriptions.

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Get people talking and sharing your story.

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Competitive Edge

A visual and dynamic way to stand out from the crowd.

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Outstanding Value

Professional up to 2 minute video, audio and visual storyboard included.

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Picstory For Your Business

We believe in value for money and tangible results.

At Picstory, we are committed to supporting brands, businesses and agencies of all shapes and sizes to reach their audience and achieve their goals. Whether you’re looking to boost your brand awareness, increase sales, attract more clients, or grow your following, we’re here to make the difference.

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The Creation Of Your Picstory

Every Picstory is unique. Tell us who you are, what you do and what makes you different, and we’ll bring your story to life.

1 Tell us your story

Tell us your story

2 We write a script

We write a script

3 Voice over recording

Voice over recording

4 Produce your Video

Produce your Video

  • Affordable, Quality Explainer Videos

At Picstory, our passion is in explainer video production that exceeds expectations and engages your audience. Using our skills and your unique brand understanding, we work with you to create animated video production content that meets your needs and connects with your customers. From introducing your brand to telling a story to selling a product, our custom animations can make a world of difference to getting your brand in front of all the right people. For affordable, quality animation video creation, Picstory is the team for you.

  • Stand Out from the Crowd

Don’t shy away from the spotlight. With our expert explainer video Sydney studio team, we create incredible animations that perfectly reflect your brand. Why melt into the background when you can stand out with full-colour, vibrant animations that say everything you need to say about your brand? Our friendly team is ready and waiting to transform your vision into full, animated reality with styles, shapes and results that suit your business down to the ground. Whether you have a specific image or you’re simply looking to go above and beyond, Picstory can help you to stand out from the crowd.

  • Bring Your Ideas to Life

Got a concept, idea or thought on how to connect with your audience? As one of the premier animation companies Sydney services, Picstory takes your ideas and converts them into animated format. Whether you have a specific method, unique idea of brand-new exciting avenue for your business, we want to help take those concepts and brand them to life. For explainer videos that pack a punch, work for your audience, and keep you on-brand, we’re the best team for the job. Bringing your ideas to life is what we do – and we do it well, too.

  • Transform Concepts into Bitesize Video Content

Want to get ideas and concepts across to your target customer base, but not sure how to do it? Infographics and articles have a specific niche, but they don’t capture the attention of your audience in the same way that an animation video can. Our in-house explainer video production team takes your plans and creates bitesize video content that gets your customers interested and keeps them engaged. No long-winded content or difficult to swallow mediums. Just pure, simple animation that says all that you need it to.

  • Animate Your Business to Become Unforgettable

The world of branding can be murky, and when it comes to getting your company in the minds of your customers, you want to do all you can to beat the competition. Make your brand a household name with brand-centric explainer videos Australia, designed to cement your company as the business of choice for your niche. We ensure your brand guidelines are followed to the letter to produce results that suit your business while helping your brand become unforgettable in the eyes of your customers. Now that’s the result you like to see.

  • Tell Your Story in Style

Static branding and generic content don’t give your brand the style and substance it deserves. Our animated explainers are the perfect supplement to your existing marketing, providing style in spades and making your business all the more memorable. Our explainer video Sydney team specialises in telling stories in new and innovative ways, helping you to connect with your target audience in engaging and enjoyable ways. Telling your story doesn’t have to mean walls of text or long-winded copy when our team are on the job.

  • 2 Minutes for a 60 Second Price

Picstory is as affordable as we are professional. With two minutes of animated video production costing the same as a single minute from any other Australian studio, we provide a service that goes above and beyond for brands like yours. Not every company has unlimited funds for animated video production, and we make a point of supporting small businesses with professional-grade explainer videos – without the professional-grade price tag. The best of both worlds, in one package, at an affordable price point.

  • Get Social with Picstory

Our explainer video content is the perfect match for your social media marketing. With the option for animated explainer videos that fit multiple sizes and scales, you can cross-post your content to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. Wherever your audience is, Picstory is one of the best animation companies Sydney wide to help you get social. For high-quality video that looks incredible on any platform, our team are the experts. Whether you’re looking to cross-post or create content specifically for social media, we’d be happy to help.

  • 100% Unique Explainer Videos for your Business

We work directly with you for explainer video production that’s 100% unique from start to finish. We don’t reuse content, copy others, or produce replicas of existing explainers. Instead, we create a script with you, carry out all voice-over recordings and produce your video in-house for unique content that’s exclusively designed for you. No cut corners, just excellent results that perfectly suit your business and your brand goals. If you want to connect with your customers as best as possible, we’re the ideal choice of animation company.

  • Get Your Brand Seen in All the Right Ways

Brand awareness is a vital part of getting your business out there. With a focus on matching your current branding and enhancing your business goals and aims, our animated explainer videos help increase awareness online. Incredibly sharable, instantly engaging and message-focused, our content cuts out the fluff to get straight to the point of what your business can do. In just two minutes, we can make your brand look better than ever.

  • Create Stories, Achieve Sales

Are you looking to boost sales and increase customers? Explainer videos Australia are a popular medium to enhance your sales. Our video content is tailored to your specific requirements, with animated explainer videos that showcase your brand in the best light. Get across your points, deliver your message, and build your customer base with Picstory. If you want to bring new clients in, our unique content is the best way to start. To get those all-important conversions rolling in, animated explainers might be just what you’ve been missing.

  • Tell Your Story in New Ways

Our friendly, specialist team is dedicated to finding new and exciting ways to tell your story. That means looking at your brand through fresh eyes and creating new, innovative ways to connect with your audience. Whether you’re considering reaching out to a new customer base or looking for new ways to tell your story to your existing audience, we want to ensure your viewers get more out of the animated explainer videos that we create. A fresh perspective might be just the thing you need.

  • Put our Talented, Passionate Team Behind the Wheel

Are you looking for an explainer video production team that will put your business needs first? That’s Picstory. We take the time to get to know and understand your brand, and we work with you to achieve incredible results for animated video production. Whether you’re exploring the idea for the first time or you have something particular in mind, our in-house professionals will work with you to make your vision into fully animated reality. Get in touch today to find out more about what we do.

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