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Types of outstanding promotional video for small brands

Video is one of the most effective marketing mediums for small businesses. Research shows that consumers are 64% more likely to purchase after viewing a video of some type. But many small business owners are put off video marketing by the perceived complexity involved.

Best promotional video practice dictates that companies should invest in quality camera equipment or hire a professional videographer. But this is simply out of the question for most small business owners who don’t have the budget to outsource and haven’t got the skills to do it themselves.

But making a promotional video production doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. At Picstory, we can show you how to make a promotional video on a budget to supercharge the marketing for your small business. Making a promotional video with Picstory using our easy 3-step process is easy, affordable and effective.

Types of promotional Video

This solves the promotional video making problem but raises the question. What type of video content should you create to promote your business? There are literally hundreds of options available. So in this blog, we are going to highlight 5 of the best promotional video tips you can use and where to use them.

Introductory video

This is one of the most common types of video on the web. They are often found on the home page and are a great way of introducing your company to prospective buyers. They can be used to highlight your USP, showcase your product or introduce key members of staff.

An introductory video like this one we created for a dental practice adds authenticity to your business by showing that you are a real company. This helps to remove the fear most people have when viewing small business websites online. By addressing this fear upfront you put customers in a more agreeable state of mind.

How-to video

A how-to video is a tutorial which shows customers how to carry out a specific task. This type of video can be used to showcase a specific feature of your product. But another more effective way is to show customers how to carry out a task themselves. For example, a plumber could show how to fix a leaking tap.

How-to videos like this are incredibly powerful, they allow you to quickly establish yourself as the leading go-to company in your neighbourhood. Because once you show a potential customer how to fix their leaking tap, guess who they will call when they have something more serious to deal with?

Animated video

An animated promotional video is a great way of telling a story. One of the most effective ways of using this type of content is to highlight how your product or service benefits the customer. Another benefit of this type of content is that they are fun for the viewer. This allows you to transform boring subject matter into something more engaging.

Animated promotional video production is also cost-effective to create compared to traditional video which is one of the main reasons why marketers love to use them. And because several styles of animation are available it is easy to customise them to meet the look and feel of your company. For example, check out this animated series we created for Door Plus to help tell their story.

Product video

The product video is a great way of highlighting the features and benefits of your product or service. This type of video usually sits on your product page and delivers easy to digest and engaging content to help potential customers make a more informed buying decision.

Professionally created demo videos are proven to increase conversion rates. And because video allows customers to retain more information, your product or service will stay in the mind of your customers long after they leave your website. Check out this video for a vehicle transport company to see how effective product videos can be.

For personality – Personal video

People buy from people they trust, this is why a compelling personality is one of the most powerful marketing methods. This is not a new phenomenon, the ‘cult of personality’ has been used to sell products since the early 1960s. Think Victor Kiam for Remington, Kerry Packer for Nine Television Network and Steve Jobs for Apple.

Video is one of the most effective ways to show off your personality. And once created, social platforms like Twitter and Facebook make it easy to share. So now even small businesses like yours can benefit from this powerful marketing technique which was once only available to big guys.

Benefits of promotional video to small brands

Still not convinced video marketing is right for your small business? Here are five reasons why a professionally produced small business promotional video is not just nice to have, but fundamental to the success of your marketing campaigns.

Builds trust and credibility

Video is the best way of building trust and credibility in your brand. A professionally produced video allows you to tell your brand’s story authentically and engagingly. This will help to differentiate you in a crowded marketplace and build long term relationships with potential customers.

Easy to share

Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter make video sharing easy. Video is also easy to consume on all devices so your content is much more likely to be viewed. This greatly increases the reach of your content compared to the written word. Which in turn will drive much more targeted traffic to your business website.

Boosts conversion rates

Video is entertaining and easy to consume so it’s not surprising that leveraging video on your product or service page can have a dramatic effect on conversion rates. A recent study of online retailers by Eye View Digital shows that adding video to product pages increased conversion rates by an average of 86%.

Improve visitor engagement

Video is also proven to improve visitor engagement. A recent study by HubSpot showed that video generated up to 20% more clicks on Facebook ads than either images or text. Video is also great for storytelling which is another proven way to increase engagement. So look to add video content to improve engagement and reduce bounce rates.

Increase your visibility online

Because video can be easily shared through platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter, it’s an ideal medium for increasing brand visibility. Videos are much more likely to be shared through these platforms which maximises the value you get from each video. Perhaps this is the reason 88% of marketers report a positive ROI on video marketing.


The above article highlights the benefit of using promotional video for business development and marketing. When done properly, a professionally-produced video has a greater ROI than any other form of marketing. It can also be used to improve the effectiveness of other marketing channels such as PPC and display advertising.

So it’s no wonder that an estimated 81% of businesses around the world use promotional video marketing in one form or another. However, many small are reluctant to take advantage of this powerful medium due to the perceived complexities and costs involved.

At Picstory, we have developed a cost-effective video production system which allows companies of all sizes to benefit from professionally produced video. Check out some of our previous work here to see how we have helped companies like yours leverage video to boost their marketing.

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